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My introduction to art was, appropriately enough, the freshman "Introduction to Art" course at Colby College. I nearly fell off my chair watching those ethereally beautiful Greek classic statues and temples flash on the screen. I was hooked from that point on and took every art elective I could while maintaining my major in mathematics. Art won out over math in the end.

After college I moved to Boston and practiced graphic design while taking advantage of the area's many institutions of higher education to continue my pursuit of fine art. My life evolved in other ways as well, of course: I got married, had a son, lost my husband to leukemia, traveled extensively, established enduring friendships - basically laughed and loved as much as I could - and experienced the inevitable ups and downs of growing through life.

My influences are Cézanne, the Post-Impressionists, Matisse and the Fauves, and the American Abstract Expressionists. I hope that some of my paintings remind you of a place you have been or perhaps would like to visit.